Getting Some Peachicks but have some Questions...


13 Years
Oct 7, 2010
Central, Illinois
I'm getting them from a breeder in my town.

1. Could you Pinion a peachick at a day old? Or would they not be able to roost?
2. Do I feed the chicks, chick started or gamebird feed? (They dont sell gamebird starter here)
3. How soon will they be able to fly really well?
4. When the peacocks get their train, how high does the pen need to be? I was thinking maybe 8-10ft?


5. What colors should I get?

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If you have other people with peacocks with in a few miles, you might pinion or clip if you free range.Even clipped they can still jump very very well. They always jumped onto my 10 ft high barn, but if you have predators around I'd be cautious. I have Great Pyr's to protect my birds. They can fly early as chicks. I'd go 10 ft at least on the pens , if they get startled and hit the top of the pen they can break the netting or hurt themselves if it is too low. Get what ever color you enjoy or can afford... only Java etc.. need heat in cold temps.
They wont be able to free range... Mom has her flower beds everywhere.
I'm not getting Javas they need heat and it gets very cold and nasty here during the winter.
I personally wouldn't pinion...If I were a bird I would want to fly...They like high perches and if a predator gets in and your birds can't fly.... Get whatever variety you like the most. Good things can be said for all varieties that are available to you:
India Blue:
These are classic, but beautiful nothing beats that vibrant blue coloration and the striped wing on the peacock. The peahens are pretty too with that beautiful green neck and nice brown color.

These are nice if you want a duller color if you don't want really showy looking peafowl or if you like the color of cameo.

Black Shoulder:
These are cool because the peacock looks just like an India blue peacock except his wing is black with a blue shine and the peahen is very striking being white with brown-black flecks and part of the neck will be green, this is normally on the back of the neck. Their flight feathers are the same rust color as a peacocks too, which isn't the case as regular India blue peahens.

Elegance! If you have never seen a white peacock displaying you are missing out, they are very pretty! Just don't keep them in a pen that gets muddy. It takes longer to sex them when young though because you can't tell from coloration.

I love pieds because they are unique. No two birds will have the same exact white pattern on them.

All these varieties will behave the same but look different, so pick the one that you are in love with the most. Look at some pictures of the different varieties to help in your decision.
I kinda dont want the India Blues since I think they are a little to common.....
We have agreed we will not get ANY whites. Way to wet in this area and I dont see how they stay clean and I think they look weird...

I really like the Cameo and Black Shoulder but I'm not sure on the Pieds yet

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