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heya all -

I have been getting my brooder ready for the chicks I'll be getting the end of next week.

I took a cardboard box, and covered the bottom (outside) with vinyl, then cut a small piece for the inside for added protection, in case the water tips, or they get too messy. It has flannel on one side, and vinyl on the other - I think it is table cloth material. I then lined the inside with a cloth towel and about 4 layers of paper towel. Right now, I am experimenting with the heat lamp to figure out how to get the right temp.

Hubby had a shop lamp (plastic ended) which will only take a 60 watt bulb, and that wasn't doing it, so I put that on the snake tank (it keeps it warm enough for Malachi, my corn snake) and took his heat lamp for the babies. His lamp, however, had a 150 watt red bulb in it, so I am angling the thing this way and that so I don't cook them, LOL. I think I have a spare 100 watt red bulb, if it isn't burned out, so I may just change out the bulb. I hate to do that, because the things get so touchy sometimes, I'd hate to have to go buy a new bulb. (I've had them burn out just because I switched the bulb.)

It's too bad Mal doesn't have a spare tank, his huge tank would be great for brooding babies in, LOL. It has front opening doors and a screen top. I can't quite remember the size, but I think it was a 140 gallon. It is about four foot long and two feet wide. He has grown so big, though, he outgrew his old tank, so I gave it to my sister (when she got "snake fever" and bought a beautiful flame red corn snake right after she held Mal for the first time, LOL. I'm such a bad influence on her.) Mal is pretty - he's a ghost corn, sort of a lavender color, he's two years old, and he's getting BIG, LOL hubby had no idea when I bought him how big he would get. (that's what he gets for telling me "No Boa Constrictors", tee hee). He's not as wide as a boa, but he is about 4 foot long by now.

Anyway, to get back to the subject of the forum, LOL....
I can't wait to get the babies. I've been reading the posts here, and looking at the adorable pics and I Must... Get... Baby Chicks !!!!

Hubby told me last night not to buy too many, because of space in the coop. LOL Today he was talking about expanding the chicken run to make room for more chickens because I am so geeked about them. (He spoils me rotten, tee hee.)

I'll take tons of pics when they get here and post them.


Peace -
Hi Meriah,

I am playing the waiting game too for my first baby chicks. I have a little longer wait then yours, mine won't be here until the 20th. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.
We have a now almost 13 year old Snow Corn Snake named Pink Floyd and I know what you mean about eyeing the snake tank for a chicken brooder. I had that same thought when I was cleaning Floyds cage just the other day!

Enjoy your babies and I look forward to seeing the pictures.

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