Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Feb 22, 2012
    the Philippines has 2 seasons
    the hot season & the hot & rainy season
    i would pass on the X meaties they will probably not do well in the heat

    & like you said you already have plenty of roosters that need to head off to "camp"

  2. ozexpat

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    there are huge contract meatie farms. one close to our local airport that causes the visitors to be greeted by flies.

    45 day birds as they are known here are not my thing. While I can understand the appeal to others, We have cheap labor and time. The definition of heritage birds being slow to mature has made an impact on me.

    The people who will benefit from this project the most currently only eat chicken when we are at the beach house. The live on rice, local vegetables and fresh or locally dried fish. It may shock you that Bernie and family dont have a refrigerator. They dont need one! They have a cooler that they can use when they need it. There is an ice plant across the road. A cubic foot of ice is 30 cents. A **** sight cheaper than running a fridge 24/7/365 when they would use it 20 days a year.

    We have a very small deep freeze that stores any pork or chooks we all need to but we too prefer as fresh as possible. Local fish can be bought on the beach as well as the market 2 miles away after 4 pm. There is a great market where the mountain people come down to each tuesday morning and sell pigs, goats and veges. I have to get there before 4 am to beat the wholesalers but a small 9 month old goat is around 18 dollars. When we moved to the Philippines we bought an apartment size fridge. We learnt in the USA that the bigger the fridge the more you put in it.

    The Bernie family will have to invite his brother and family who work next door at my father in law's place over for a Sunday roast in order to finish off a nice sized orpington cockerel while trading for fish or crabs that Dante, Bernie's brother's boats catch during the week. A good bird should keep them in protein for a week
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    Feb 22, 2012
    sent you an email OZ
    my computer was acting silly so it either sent it twice on maybe not at all
    great machines when they work
    but when they don't i start thinking what size hammer i should go get [​IMG]
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    Jan 9, 2013
    South Central PA
    That is so cool and a huge mindset change for us yanks. I'll be thinking about that for days
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    got it replied
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    Oct 12, 2012
    Southwest Desert

    My whole reason for getting chicks. Creating fun memories
    with and for our grandson.


    Our Adobo (Named by our daughter after one of our favorite dishes)
    She will be spared the pot since she gave a
    beautiful green egg today that our grandson loved. Although
    he gave the credit to the RIR since she is the one he catches
    all the time. Love this adventure and sharing in it with all
    of you.
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    it really is. We "yanks" and other westerners have learnt to be excessive. You are a nobody unless you have a triple door sub zero fridge with a 18 cubic freezer in the garage, we fill the freezer with specials then pay in both electricity and the cost of money (whatever your credit card interest is) to keep it well past its recommended use. We boast about our 4000sq foot homes then pay to heat the whole thing while we sleep in a 12 x 15 bedroom.

    bernie and analou live in a house that is huge for "servants quarters" 2 bedrooms, kitchen living area and lanai. total 480 sq feet. they have an outside loo and shower. they have a charcoal stove - preferred over gas as we have an abundance of coconut branches for fuel. the smoke gets rid of the mozzies. they have energy efficient cfc lights, a stand fan and a we have a 3/4hp pump for the well. When we are not there, with their electricity needs, a few outside lights around the garage and our house and the small freezer, the bill is under 20 bucks a month. When we are there with AC in our bedroom, fans on the lanai, point of use hot water for the showers, the bill jumps to 100 bucks a month.

    simple lives can be happy lives
  8. ozexpat

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    my last experimental hatch is almost over. eggs went into lockdown yesterday, i have chirping coming from the bator now.

    I have learnt a lot from these three hatches in my california bedroom especially about shipped eggs. In a week from now, a group of eggs will have the ultimate shipping experience.
  9. ozexpat

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    great pics. better story. how wonderful!
  10. ozexpat

    ozexpat CocoBeach Farm

    Some of the things I find while I cruise the net instead of watching basketball on TV

    The Little Bustard Tetrax tarda Is a declining bird in Europe and a very rare vagrant to the UK. The French name for this species translates as "Farting Chicken", which seems quite appropriate when you hear them calling.

    Maybe I will get some T Shirts made for the “save the little bustard” movement....

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