Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    yes that is correct. I simply gave this information as a cheap alternitive for his tomatoes with the possability of hooking a aquaponic fish tank to it in the future as a water source.
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    Yay for the electric being back on! I'm so glad to hear that your and Bernie's families are okay. I hope piglett's is as well.

    I'm sorry to hear about so much devastation in other areas though. Are coconut crops likely to be affected too?

    My husband just sent me an email with a link that gave us an idea on how much it would cost to install a generator here. At first I thought he was crazy since we just spent twice what we expected to on some home renovations. I hadn't thought about the incubator issue though!
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    Just stopping by to see if you're ok. Glad to here everyone made it through ok. As soon as I heard what happened I wondered how you were.
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    thanks for stopping by.

    we are all fine.

    a baby tropical storm (35mph) winds will give us a good soaking this evening but nothing we cant handle.
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    Mrs Oz had to relocate to Cavite, just South of Manila to satisfy local residency for the court handling adoption cases and the birth place of our kids. The required six months finished today and the lease on the house she rented expires tomorrow.

    At 3am a truck will pick up her furniture and get it to Manila warf before the ban on trucks in the city commences at 7am.

    The plan was to then go to a resort 100 miles south for the night before heading home.


    The path is the red western naughtical highway. Yolanda hit initially just above where the green arrow points and its path of destruction followed to just above where the red arrow points.

    As of Tuesday the ferries going operating out of both ends of the island with the red arrow (Panay) are not running. She has a booking for the Thursday night ferry from Batangas south on Manila to Caticlan on Panay.

    She may have to leave the car in Manila and fly home. If the ferry routes open, I will drive the car a week or so later.
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    Oh Oz, from the news reports it doesn't seem likely that anything near "normal" operation for any transportation that crosses the destruction area will be available soon. So thankful that you and yours are OK, but heartbroken for those impacted.
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    Oh Oz..... This sounds like the end of your Adoption ordeal is coming to an end. Does it still look like by Christmas?

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    Hopefully the judge will make his decision by Christmas

    Then the National Statistics Office has to do their thing.

    Then the US Embassy

    Maybey between March and June....
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    I was just thinking... would those kids still be around if you had not rescued them?
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