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    Tornadoes while most violent in the US occur on every continent.

    Wikipedia article on tornados.

    I got curious about that a while back and spent an evening digging and reading.

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    The crazy part is, the typhoon was pretty much similar to a slightly less fast tornado, but much MUCH wider.

    On the Alabama tornado, it was one for the record books. It had an extremely long path, was very wide and was down on the ground for a long time, very unusual for such a strong tornado. You can still look at Google maps and see the swath it cut. I know we were pretty nervous.. doesn't even compare to that typhoon though. Can you only imagine knowing for days that it's coming?
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    Here are some the same and a couple more. You can see the squatter's homes that were built over the water vanished but so did solid concrete homes behind them. On a positive note, about 50% of the cell towers are now operational so if they can find somewhere to charge their phones, people will be able to contact their loved ones.
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    Mrs Oz is in Batangas. She is going to put the car and the family on a ferry to the island of Panay for an overnight trip. Hopefully the ferry will be operating from dumangas on Panay to Bacolod by tomorrow evening or she will be stuck in Iloilo until its working.

    Fingers crossed.
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    Have all crossables crossed for her and the younguns! [​IMG][​IMG]

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    My nerdy self was listening to NPR today .... I cried twice. Granted yes I'm crazy emotional since dad is in the hospital, but oh my goodness, its devastating. I'm so so glad your family is safe Oz , but your trip next week is not likely to be normal huh.
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    Hi OGM

    Give your father a hug froim me.

    The nexr few trips wont be that normal, The good news is that aid is finally getting to the needed and the dead are being buried.

    In a few months it will be a stain in a memory for most. It will drop of the news by Sunday
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    Here is a good image that explains the risk of typhoon in various locations.


    We are in the 1% category.

    At around 24 per year, we have a one in four year chance of any tropical storm - including tropical depressions with a wind speed of around 30mph

    The 10o degree line is magic.

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    Mrs Oz made it safely to the island of Panay (the squarish island in the center of the map above). She will follow the red line of the path of Yolanda for about an hour and then head south east towards Dumangas in the Province of Iloilo.

    If she can get on a ferry this afternoon, she will be at her parents home late tonight. If not, she will have to hang out for a while. Her aunt lives in Iloilo City. There is potential to leave the car there and island hop via Guimaras on small craft tomorrow.

    The container with the household items arrives tomorrow in Bacolod.

    Communications will be sporadic as she passes through the devistation. Roxas City was 50% wiped out by the storm
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