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  1. joannefiddler

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    That's quite a thought...
  2. ozexpat

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    Actually they would have survived this typhoon but the last one that causwaed flooding in manila washed away the road in front of the squat where our daughter's birth family lived

    I had not thought about that. Sobering.
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  4. Bens-Hens

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    Some heavy thoughts there.

    In the news here casualty number have been revised and are thought to be well under the 10,000 early estimate. FIngers crossed the new numbers are considerably further south.

    Also saw this comparative pic this morning, slide the bar left to right to see before and after.

    The airport road pic is has a full block completely missing.
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    Jan 14, 2013
    Montevallo, AL
    They did a before/after of my husband's hometown after a huge EF5 tornado hit it.... nothing quite lets you grasp the scale of these types of disasters.

    Technology is an amazing thing. It is helpful for aid and research for prevention. And ofcourse, you're more likely to donate when you realize how insanely bad the situation is.
  6. ozexpat

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    its going to be rather erie going to the philippines next week.
  7. Bens-Hens

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    Wow, you can see how it pretty much picked it's way along an area, leaving others much less damaged.
  8. joannefiddler

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    Ben, do they have tornadoes in Australia?
  9. Bens-Hens

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    We have had some 'willie willie's', a few have been big enough to cause damage to property, but for the most part no.

    Anywhere that actually gets tornadoes would laugh at what we get. Generally, ours steal your hat and blow it down the street, not your pick up truck!
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    Ben - Here in the States, we call those "Dust Devils" and, yeah, they're not the same! [​IMG]
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