Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

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    May 28, 2013
    I am sad to hear that the search for a Duroc boar came up empty. We had Duroc and Duroc cross pigs growing up and they were great. They grew well, were good tempered, dressed out well and were tasty!
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    They are available on Luzon. One day I will take a pick-up on the ferry and get one.
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    Atleast i am taking a pick-up and not putting him on the bus!!

    the pic is from colombia but you get the idea

    [​IMG] or a Phils jeepney

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    Does that tag say "SOW 094"? :lau
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    wow, astute detail skills there.

    the D sure looks like an O
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    The following is photoshopped but you would see it if the Phils version of the FAA bent rules

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    Dec 10, 2013
    Sir, good evening.Thank you for the reply. It was the Divine Unity Holistic Center that refer you to me when I inquired from them about the Cream Legbar chicken. Actually I was born & raised in the town where you live in the Philippines.In Omelis, Cauayan. I am now residing in Bacolod City. I am retired from my job as Sanitary Inspector of the province & my therapheutic hobby is raising chickens for eggs & at times meat for our table. When I read about this breed of chicken in BYC forum I got interested in it thats why I reach for you. In case you have some spare, I will be very grateful if you can share a pair to me.Madamo guid nga salamat. GOD BLESS YOUR CHICKEN MISSION!!! It is a great help to my fellow Negrense. GODSPEED!!!
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    Great to hear from you Rolito.

    As soon as the Legbars are established, I will let you know!

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