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    They are very much near the top. On day 7 they dont take up much space though. These were shipped big end up. The cells are Ok for the most part but there are a few that are damaged - they look like they are filled with water - up to the air cell.
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    After scouring my photos I could only find one. The chair in the picture above is made from a pallet. The wood for the pallets used to ship the Kodak photo printers my FIL uses have this unique wood that is extremely light but strong. We will recycle anything in the Phils.

    We will make the coops. We have access to great hardwoods at 25 cents a board foot but I prefer bamboo. Its free.
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    The Internet is a wonderful thing.

    When sharing ones life with people across the Pacific, I marvel at the technology available today.

    When I first moved to the USA from Australia, it was two dollars a minute to call home.

    Now we have Skype where we can see each other while we are talking. I can interact with my kids and they can show me something they find interesting. I read stories, play games and share food (we all have good imaginations).

    I use Google Voice and have a phone number that when called will contact my cell, work and home phone - great for family emergencies and my line of work. If it goes to voice mail, I get a transcript of the call as a text and email. I can play the voicemail from the web.

    Dropbox has been my favorite technology. The cloud is a useful place. I load all my pictures up to the cloud on dropbox. I have shared folders with people. If I wanted to share a set of photos with you, I would simply drop them into a folder I have given you permission to see. I can load them at my leisure and they will load onto your computer in the back ground. No need to watch over them. Its all automatic. All files go automatically to all my PCs. So I get to work and my stuff is already here. You can increase your dropbox size by referring. Here is a referal - . If you use that to join - my drop box will increase by 500mb.

    The final nifty thing we use is MagicJack. Voice over IP technology has revolutionized phone calls and billing. For almost free, my wife has a US phone number on a phone at her parents place in the Philippines. No international charges!! I can call a 213 area code which is a local call. The best part is that she has a US phone that she can make calls from. All calls to Canada and USA are free. If she needs to call Australia its 2 cents a minute. A call from a Philippine line would be 30 cents a minute. This gives Mrs Oz the security that she can contact me on my cell phone wherever I am - rather on just waiting for me to get home.
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    poor things...they have a bad case of CHF!! [​IMG]

    Congestive Heart Failure ....for non medical people
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    Dec 18, 2012
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    or venous stasis issues....ok stop me or I'll be coming up with all kinds weird stuff...LOL
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    Or the worst case of scaly leg mites anybody has ever seen. Ewwww.
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    curried chicken feet. gotta be better than a chicken nugget. I still cant find the nuggets on my chooks
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    I know right!!! LOL
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    how much lasix do you give a chicken?
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    I had to drop out of lurkerdom (and finally join BYC) to comment on this...

    I was showing my kids this picture and my son commented that they looked like dinosaur legs. Which then made me remember the TED Talks speech by Jack Horner, "Building a Dinosaur from a Chicken," These look like the first steps to a Chickenosaurus.

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