GFM & PPM Open Listing Limits Increased For Buy Sell Trade

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    The BYC staff have been reviewing our BST system since our conversion to the new platform a few months ago and have been discussing the limits on open listings.

    We really love the community and providing a place where peeps can buy and sell stuff. In our years of experience we've had to balance the features we provide while reducing the potential abuse of the system. We came into this new platform with conservative limits on the # of open listings our members can have because this system works fundamentally differently than our old system. As a reminder:

    Old system: You were limited by the number of items you could sell unless you were a PPM, in which case you could sell unlimited items.

    New system: Any member can sell unlimited number of items, but each member is limited in the diversity of different items that can be listed as "open listings" at once.

    We were unsure how these new unlimited items would be used (or abused) so we were cautious with how we launched the new BST system. Again, our goals are to provide a great experience for all our users.

    Well, we're happy to announce that we're comfortable with increasing the limits for our members!

    Starting now:

    Platinum Poultry Members will be able to have 20 open listings at a time
    Golden Feather Members will be able to have 5 open listings at a time
    Standard Members will be able to have 1 open listing at a time

    You can find more details here:

    Thanks to all our wonderful members for their understanding and support as we work hard to provide the best buying, selling, and trading experience for our members.
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    Awesome! thanks!
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    I want to be the first one to say thank you so much, so very very very very much!!!!!![​IMG]

    And our birds thank you too!!!

    Okay make it be the second one! LOL but I'm still so glad!!!!!!!
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