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Mar 5, 2007
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I know some of you guys ahve great ghost stories, but has anyone ever taken a ghost photo? I went on a tour of Salem, MA and they encouraged us to take photos to see if we could capture anything. I'm not a big believer in the orbs, but I had plenty of those in my pics! Looks more like dust to me though...

I'd be interested to see some of your "eerie" pics!
We always have orbs in our house. Look at this picture taken a few years ago. See the light beside our son. If you zoom in, it is a defined circle on one end of the arc, as if it had moved.
My cousin had the same thing when she took pictures of her kids in the house, always around the kids especially Christmas.
I've got ghosts!

These 2 pics are from Sedona Az. This is a sand sculpture there in Oak Creek Canyon. I took this eons ago when I was just a college student.(sometime back in the '80s) Notice the orbs. I circled them.


These other were taken at my goddaugthers daycared during her 5th Birthday party. Her great-grandma had just passed away the week before. No the light isn't on and I didn't use flash.

I'm a firm beleiver in this. I've heard many stories, and have had several 'feelings'. I love to read and hear about these phenomena.

BTW, the sand sculptures unfortunately are gone. Vandals destroyed them several years ago. Seems as though nothing is sacred. (I'm very near where they once stood)
That sucks about the sand sculptures.
I'm sure that's some truly bad karma points.
I took a picture of Obelisk and Penny and posted it on another website and they pointed out that there's an orb in the picture!!!
This was taken around Christmas of last the box in the floor is Slifer's bandanna.
The lens is clean, because I clean it everytime I use the camera with a dust free cloth.
And if you see the reflection of the flash, it's not the same shape either.

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