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Jan 13, 2012
Gilan Chickens are a type of chicken from North iran , Called (gile morgh , gil )They are a landrace fowl which are rare outside their native country. For example (Black Azerbaijan , khazak and ......) Gilan Chickens, are not standardized in appearance, possess a wide range of plumage colors and patterns, and comb types and little creasted .*((Gilan chickens Gilan is the early ancestor of Russian Orloff chickens ))
the Orloff was considered to be a product of Russia and Orlov, but modern research has discovered that the breed first appeared in north west Iran and was distributed across Europe and Asia by the 17th century
Gilan, It lies along the Caspian Sea, in Iran's Region 3, west of the province of Mazandaran,
east of the province of IRANIAN A
ZERBAIJANArdabil, and north of the provinces of Zanjan and Qazvin. It borders the Republic of Azerbaijan in the north the Caspian Sea.
Gilan has a humid subtropical climate with, by a large margin, the heaviest rainfall in Iran: reaching as high as 1,900 millimetres (75 in) in the southwestern coast and generally around 1,400 millimetres (55 in). Rasht, the capital of the province, is known internationally as the "City of Silver Rains" and in Iran as the "City of Rain".
special thanks : Soheil Mhehdian -Alireza Mogadam -Majid Beygi

collector research By :KIA ANSARI
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