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Jul 12, 2016
The Garden State
Last week, I posted a picture of my GLW, Ginger, to find out if anyone could tell if she was a she. The problem is, I only posted a pic of her head. So here is a better picture. "She" is the most scared of my new 3 babies and her and my Buff Orp always seem to bicker.
Wyandottes, while difficult to sex at hatching, are pretty easy when they get around five weeks or so because the males plumage is darker and the patterns more vivid than the pullets. Plus he has the start of comb and wattles and the girls lag behind in that area at first.
Im SO sad that hes probably a roo. Ive had to get rid of several chickens that I LOVED bc they were roosters already and I cried every time. I was really looking forward to having a GLW, too. Im not ready for another good-bye.
The baby on the left is my Dominique, Iris. Any chance she is a roo, too? She and Ginger have the same body shape and tail but shes very sweet (just like my previous Dominique roosters), shows no signs of a comb or waddles yet, and seems pretty dark in color.

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