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    I recieved a bottle of gingergrass essential oil as a thank you for singing in a wedding.... and I know what it is used for, but I don't know HOW I'm suposed to use it. Topically? Internally? Inhaled?

    If I were using it for DS#2's eczema would I put it right on the skin?

    If using for acne do you put it on the pimple?

    If using for varicose veins do you put it ont he skin?

    If using for nausea do you inhale?

    The list goes on but yeah... this is my problem right now [​IMG]
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    If using it on the skin you would use a carrier oil like Jojoba, sesame, or some other like that to dilute it first. Nausea you would inhale. It's not recommended to ever put an oil on your skin that hasn't been 'cut' or diluted. I'm pretty sure you can find something about it online.
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