Girls won't go outside of coop

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    New to chickening.....Bought 11 egg layer pullets last week. 7 goldens/browns, 4 austrolorps. It is winter in northern Ontario Canada. Snow on ground, temp -1 to -14. I did see the pullets outside where we bought them from. They have only been with us 6 days, and they don't want to go outside the coop. We have tried enticing them with treats of fresh fruit and veggies, sprinkled crumbles on ground outside and tried bringing them outside, they just head right back in. I know there is an adjustment time to a new place. We will be off for four days this weekend, and looking for tips or tricks to get them out of coop. Or should I worry about it until it is a little nicer out? Thanks for the help. Cassy
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    How old are they? Some breeds are more timid then others and take longer to adjust.
    The way i got my EEs out as i stopped feeding them in the coop, they had to come outside to eat and drink, that brought them out.
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