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Jun 24, 2008
Hi all, Ok what do I do with all the poop from those little butts, they poop alot can you use the shavings for something? Also can I use DE food grade in my 5 week old chicks run? with all the rain my O my.. we got a little stinky.

Thanks god for BYC


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Nov 18, 2007
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My Coop
I use pine shavings and I sprinkle FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth (DE) on the shavings. Also my roosts in my coop are over wire which allows the poop through and I sprinkle the DE over the poop too. If your roosts are over flooring put some pine shavings under the roosts. Pine shavings are on the floor in the rest of my coop. Monthly I add some shavings until I have approx 4/6in, and weekly I add more DE. Once in awhile I throw some scratch on the shavings and let the chickens mix it up. They do a very good job. I have no problems with flies, stink and such. My pine shavings stay nice and dry easy to clean out. I put them in my compost pile. which every once in awhile I give a toss to keep it mixed up with the other stuff that goes in. sprinkle with water and let it cook. I have bought the pine shavings at my local feed store. They were out before, so I have bought some in the pet department at Wal-Mart. I introduce my birds to the coop when they were about 5 weeks old.


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Jul 21, 2008
Nor Cal
I just hoed some poop-and-shavings into the ground to give it a nitrogen boost, and then sowed a bunch of fall/winter crops (broccoli, snow peas, etc).

A friend of mine just takes the hay/poop mixture and puts it straight in her garden (without composting), so I thought I'd give it a try... we'll see how it goes! It was a fairly weak mixture (I don't let the little ones' litter get too poopy) so I don't think it'll burn the plants or anything, and the pine shavings should help my clay soil drain better.

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