Globe blew in Bator temp down to 23.3

crazy chook

9 Years
Apr 8, 2010
Langwarrin, Victoria
The globe in the incubator blew today while i was out, by the time i got home and realised something was wrong the temp was down to 23.3

I replaced the globe and had the hairdryer on to bring the temp back up a bit quicker............. will any survive?

They have been in there for 14 days and I am useless at candeling, they look like they are on time but I can't tell if any are moving in there? Do I just leave them as if nothing happened?

This is my third time incubating and my first two hatched were terrible. After lots more research and lots of good advise from BYC I decided to give it another go. Are any going to hatch this time now?

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