GLW laying problem

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May 5, 2009
We have a GLW that is laying soft eggs, we watched her walk through the yard a lay a soft egg. Is this normal? Something wrong with her? Is it time for her to meet the freezer? BTW she is a little over a year old.
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I don't think it is a real problem, you get the soft eggs once in a while. The standard wisdom is oyster shell free choice, or yogurt. But I am not real sure that it that so much, I mean I do have oyster shell free choice out, and sometimes I will get a soft egg, and there was a time in the early in the spring, where I was getting a soft egg a couple times of week! uck! And then they quit.

But then the problem went away. Many green vegetables are a good source of calcium, so I am wondering if the weeds and vegetation that they are consuming is also helping.

But I think most hens once in a while have a soft egg, some may go through a spell, but ususally it is a temporary thing.

Is she getting ready to molt? or is she under any stress? Either one of these issues can cause a hen to lay soft eggs for a while...
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