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8 Years
May 10, 2011
Due to the monsoon-like rain in our area this year, the gnats are out of control!I am currently in the stages of constructing my coop and yesterday i was nearly carried off by these suckers. Im not a squeemish person or anything but when they fly in your eyes and face it makes it very difficult to work. Plus you take a big breath and you suck a couple down your throat! Not cool... I slathered myself with 100% deet but it was like tastey gravy to them! Anyone have any suggestions repellant wise, maybe something natural?
Its new to me but wicked stuff. $20 at big r our local feed store....permethrin concentrate. Mix it up and spray away. It has different strengths for different things you will be spraying, animals horses to dogs, shelters, in your house for lice, bed bugs, cracks, walls exterior and interior, ants, hornets, wasps, mange mites on your dog you dip them in it and let it dry.....dogs strength is the strongest. A $20 bottle of concentrate will last forever. I use on my horses to keep mosqetos away and flies. I am using it on my goats too for lice and mange mites. It says you can use on poultry and their living quarters too.

Good luck!
Thank you for the tip. My mother-in-law suggested mixing vanilla extract with water and spraying that like repellant. I'll try that first and if that doesnt work, which i doubt it will, ill be after some permethrin concentrate.

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