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    I am so excited that my 10 month old CuckooMarans, Lucy, is starting to lay us some eggs!! She has had some strange reproductive issues and we all thought that she could never lay anymore of those beautiful chocolate brown eggs! Last fall she laid a HUGE egg, with another full egg inside it!! Since then, only 4 more eggs...all very, very strange looking, and soft or no shells. We thought the HUGE egg damaged her insides. Well, since Sunday she has laid 4 lovely eggs! All very normal, hard shelled eggs! So glad I didn't give up on her!!
    Now that being said, a week ago we lost our alpha hen, Klara, (RIR), to a hawk attack. She was very dominate over Lucy and Lucy is a very timid chicken. Do you think the stress of being pecked and chased by the #1 hen was the cause of Lucy's inability to lay eggs? Things are much calmer with the gals now......but I do miss my Klara...she was like a puppydog to me....very cool little chicken!
    One happy Chicken Mom...~Beulah
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    I'm sorry to hear about Klara, but yes, stress does affect egg laying negatively. She may have been the cause of the strange eggs. Otherwise this is a big coincidence!

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