Go Omlette, go!!!

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  1. One more freeloader might be laying now. I saw her in the nest, squatting with a look of concentration. I will give her some privacy and check again in a few minutes. I would be thrilled if she decided to start laying!!
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    Whew! Take her name off the "dinner list" [​IMG]
  5. She hasn't laid. She was revving up. Trying to distract me from the others doing something behind my back, I am sure. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Little booger.

    Even though at most I get two eggs a day from the others...I spent the day building a run along the same lines as the one the lady at www.hencam.com has for her hens and rabbit. Come good weather, probably around spring, each of the two coops will have an attached run and then if i open the run doors they'll have a common area to play in with the rabbit too. And I can cover that with deer netting to protect from predators from above.
  6. Yay!! She laid her egg! she wasn't just messing with my head!! So now I have two EE's laying and one RIR. Next little mooch to begin laying is the itty bitty bantam cochin. She's been doing the squatty dance lately too. Time to pay rent Emily!!!
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    Congrats! I feel sorry for them from time to time; especially the ones that have to stand up and really strain.
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    I have only been present for two eggs being laid in about 20 months of chicken ownership. Now that we have 20 chickens, I have no idea who is laying what! I know the brown from the white from the green egg layers - that is about it. We get some eggs that are kind of tinted, off-white, and I don't even know who is laying those out of the white egg layers.

    I am amazed that you guys would even know who the freeloaders are! [​IMG]
  9. Quote:Having only four hens, it's pretty easy. Two of mine are EE's I saw Biscuit in her favorite spot earlier in the day. She was busy laying. She got up, there was her blue egg. So I could scratch her off the list. My RIR lays brown eggs, so I know it wasn't her. Emily is a bantam cochin, and hasn't yet laid one of what I assume will be a little bitty eegg in comparison. Omlette was straining and trying to hang out in the nestbox for a good while today. Biscuit's eggs are a medium sized, this one was a great deal smaller, but blue too. Once my Wellie eggs hatch and mature, it'll be pretty clear who laid that egg too. It'll be far and away a different color. [​IMG]

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