Goat constipation


Sep 21, 2015
My girl just got over a bad case of scours where she lost a lot of weight. There doesn't seem to be bloating. Is there any way to stop the constipation without starting up the diarrhea again?
Hi there, welcome to BYC! :frow

How old is your goat, what gender, fixed, and what are you currently feeding? How long did the scours last and what did you do to correct it? Have you a fecal float done or is getting one at a vet a possibility?

Often times quality hay is a good place to start, depending on age. Adding your general location to your profile can help peeps make the best suggestions possible. I can usually find all my answers here, but you might also check out the sister site...

One of my very favorite goat resources, bookmark it..;)


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