Goat Newbie Here - Please Help!


6 Years
Mar 3, 2013
Hello, all!

So we are thinking of getting two goats for their milk -- we make homemade soap and would also possibly like to make our own goat cheese.

What kind of goat would be best for us?

Also, we were planning on de-horning them (we want to get young ones), but then I read that it is not always a good thing to de-horn b/c it messes up their thermoregulation. So in the summer, the horns keep them cooler from the sun, but if they don't have horns they can over heat. We live in Florida so it gets VERY hot here over the summer.

Can anyone please help me with this?

Thank you!


goats rule 101

6 Years
Aug 22, 2013
I always dehorn mine because otherwise I have found it to be quite dangerous. I have fainters and the breeder I got them from had a crazy buck that would attack anyone or anything. It ended up killing a goat before she was able to get rid of him. Its up to you with what you decide but I personally would derhorn and give them lots of cold water in the summer.
Also if you want to milk them you will have to breed them so you might end up with more then two. Best wishes!!!! :D

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