goats coughing

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    May 9, 2008
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    we have 5 goats and it started out just two were coughing and now they all are. I have read that it could be lungworms but I dont have the injectable cattle wormer that I have read to use I am going to get some this weekend but in the meantime I have this horse wormer the name is Horse Health Equine Ivermectin Paste 1.87% I was wondering is it safe and will it work for the lungworms if so does anyone know the dosage I would give per pound. btw It is the paste in the twist tube syringe thing. thanks
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    You would probably be better off getting the Ivomec Plus injectible. Then you know for sure it will work. I'm guessing that the horse wormer wouldn't have the extra stuff in it to take care of the lungworm. Plus the cattle Ivomec is only 1% solution. I don't think I would take a chance on the horse stuff.

    The other thing that could be the problem is pneumonia. With all the rainy and cold weather some people have been having, the goats could be getting sick.
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    May 9, 2008
    bootheel of missouri
    Ok I guess I will just wait then I would rather use something known to be safe rather than chance it. The younger two which have been coughing for the longest probably started a little over a month ago I used pour on for cattle once and then 10 days later but it never seemed to help, at first I thought they where coughing less but now it is back. The older ones didnt have the cough before and now they just started I think yesterday.
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    Quote:Given orally, it is 4cc per hundred pounds of the one percent. So I would use just under three cc of the stronger percentage ivermectin. Most people just give the injectable orally too. And a lot of people use the horse wormer because it is cheaper, so using it is not that unusual. I have used it in a pinch, just a large Pea size glop.

    I personally would give them an injection of PennG for coughing too. It would kill any bacteria issues. I use PennG for three days in a row when I treat livestock.
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    Our goats have been coughing for a while. Our vet treated with Panacure, five day treatment. He said that would cure lungworm, if they had it. It didn't stop the coughing. i then had him test for lungworm and it was negative. They have all been examined and are up to date on shots. My vet thinks it environmental, perhaps too dusty or allergies, or i don't know.

    Anyhow, he said that ivermectin is not especially effective against lungworm. He said Panacure should get rid of it. So you may want to try that first and see if it helps. Our goats did not mind taking it orally, it was almost a treat. If it doesn't work, you may want to take a fecal into a vet and have them run a test.

    Will be interested to see what happens with your goats, as we still don't have an answer on ours.
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