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Mar 7, 2008
Hello All,
I have 3 nubian does, one is about 1.5yrs old and the other 2 were born on 04/21/09. I'm having nothing but bad luck! The 1.5yr old doe was more or less a pity buy at an auction and is the sweetest thing in the world and will be here till she dies. She was immediately tested for CAE and CL because she had swollen knees on her front legs (one more then the other). Everything came back neg. and we're assuming that it's from an old injury or poor care because she's also a bit small. The other two came from a woman who had a closed herd and was getting out. She had the mom (4.5yrs old) and her daughter (3yr old) and they were both bred to the same buck and one had triplets and the other had single. I took a doe from each...so they're very related. Anyways, they had to be treated for coccidia a couple months back because when I switched grain mix on them they got bloated up and poopy. They got over that and now it seems that all three of my goats have a large parasite load and are anemic. "Barley", my paint doe, is the worst. I thought I was going to lose her last week. I moved thier area because I had them positioned under two large acorn trees (oak)...and then found out that the trees are poisonous to them. I figured great, problem solved...nope. Barley now has Bottle-neck. She is still pooping, peeing and eating. She is not down and gets around pretty good and looks at me instead of a dull gaze into space. I ran them to a friend's house who has goats and she gave them all a dose of Valbazen (sp?) and something to perk them up (sorry can't remember the name, it was a blue paste). That was yesterday. I researched and found that since they're anemic I should get them some Vit B12 to help them. I'm going to check on getting some of that for them today. I really need help getting these girls into shape and any comments/suggestions would be helpful. I'm not having much luck! If anyone could tell me hints on what I may be doing wrong or even tips on how to have a healthier herd that would be wonderful. I started out with stock of unknown origin so once the two younger does are healthy again I am going to find them homes and try to find some nice, registered stock. This is a link to my website for the goats.... this is before all the mess with parasites started happening http://looneylops13.tripod.com/looneylopsnubians/index.html
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on anemia and lots of other good info


Fiasco farms still has a working website and there is alot of useful info there as well. I just looked up oak leaves there and they are on the edible list. I feed them to my goats in moderation and they have never had a problem with them.

You said the goats have a heavy parasite load but did you determine what parasites they had. Did u have a fecal done? Different wormers treat different parasites. Just a thought....
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You should really take them to a vet. Have a fecal test done including checking for coccidia. Worm appropriately for whatever is found on the fecal. Talk to the vet about what the worming protocols are in your area and also what vaccinations your goats should get. Have they been vaccinated with CDT? That is one vaccine that everyone uses.

2 weeks from worming them, have a fecal done again to see if any parasites are left. Worm appropriately. Have a fecal done in 2 weeks again. Continue until your goats fecals come out clean.

I would also have your goat from the auction tested for Johnes.
Yes, they have had thier CDT and the older doe was tested for CL CEA and Johne's. all came back negative....thank you all for the websites! This is all very helpful!
The bottle jaw is almost gone on Barley (the little paint) but because of the wormer she's got a bit of the runs so she's on Pepto. The weather here in Michigan is nasty yucky misty rain and cold, which isn't going to help. I picked up some Vit B12 to give to them as suggested on many sites. I made her get up this morning and she drank and nibbled on some hay. Do you think I should give them thier grain or just hay right now so it's not as rough on thier stomaches?
JEN ; Give your goats fresh water daily and add some Cociddio medication to it , (ITS Available!!) Clean there feeder but feed free choice daily , They will not eat dirty feed !!! ASK , and I will reply ......... ALAN B .
Barley passed away this morning, it got very cold here last night and frosted.
The other two are doing great and should be just fine. Thank you all for your input. The paint that's yelling at me is Barley.....wanted to share a picture, she was so pretty.


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