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    Jan 26, 2016
    I have a horse, Phoenix, and she is the only horse on the farm. There are deer, birds and cats that she likes to hang out with(especially the deer!), but I`d like to get her a permanent friend. A goat. Horses and goats can get along well with each other, and make strong bonds. There for, I`m getting a goat. It is a younger fella who is kind and playful, and loves to climb on things, and be the tallest goat around(as most goats do). It likes variety of plants(as I said before, like most goats do) and he likes to run around and explore. He LOVES to poke around in places, and climb, and be really active. He is easygoing, patient, and kind. What toy do you recommend?
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    My goats like anything they can climb on, and they enjoy large branches of edible trees to chew on and rub their heads on. Sounds like you have a nice goat.
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    I built/rigged.. built might be too strong a word ;-) a playscape for my goats. A platform, a few water barrels (they push them and climb on them) some ramps.. I change the ramps round and sometimes make a balance beam between platforms.

    I tried a small exercise ball after they tried to play kick ball with a duck. It wasn't in meanness, it was more like hey, lets kick this short fat round thing, but the ball that didn't move on its own just wasn't as much fun. A goats best toy is another goat! We have a mound they like to chew cud on and when it's warm they roll down the hill accidentally on purpose.

    They learn tricks really well, and two of my three shake hands and stand up - it took a while to refine that I am not a support post. A pinch on the shoulder and making an irritable goat noise worked in about three days. (EEANT!)

    Is he wethered?

    Happy goating to you. They are super sweet and the more you work with them, and the better they get to know you as their protector, the more they want to hang out with you.

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