Golden Comet X Golden Comet

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    I asked about this on the genetics forum but haven't got any clear answers yet was curious if anyone here has any experience to help me?

    I today went and picked up what was supposed to be a small flock of RIRs they are OBVIOUSLY not RIRS, and are actually Golden Comets.

    1 roo and 4 hens. So my question is.... I KNOW that sex-links DO NOT breed true.... so

    I have two questions I HOPE someone can answer for me [​IMG]

    1. When you breed GC to GC do you get birds that look similar at adult to their parents? I KNOW I wont be able to tell male from female at hatching and that's fine im just cuirous about adult colors? If anyone has let their GCs breed, and has pictures i'd BE GREATFUL to see them!

    2. What would I call them when I have excess chicks (hatching eggs) to offer for sale? I dont want to call them mutts because their parents arent called mutts (even though they technically are atleast they have a name GCs) So... if anyone has let their GCs breed what did you call their offspring to others? I dont want to confuse anyone...and make them think they're getting chicks that will be sexlinks. I sell GC sexlink hatching eggs (RIR X White leghorn hen breeding) for sale from a local breeder, and I will probably keep selling for her, so I am just curious how I should separate them from GCs? <---I dont mean physically...I mean as in titles.

    As I said on the genetics one...I guess I could just call them brown egg layers if i really had to [​IMG] Just wanted thoughts/experiences.

    Heres some pictures of the pretty lil flock:
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    1. You will get some that look like RIR, some that look like White Rocks, and some that look like mixes.

    2. They *are* mutts. Not trying to be harsh, but that's exactly what they will be. The F1 generation can be called something because the results are known and predictable. The F2 generation will be completely willy nilly-therefore mutts.

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