Golden Comets ROCK!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by chickensducks&agoose, Nov 22, 2009.

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    Okay, I started my chicken expedition with 6 golden comets... at around 12 weeks, a weasel got into the pen, and POOF, dead chickens everywhere... our only survivor was SUPER CHICKEN, who has managed to survive the speedy (and depressing, and expensive) turnover in an area with foxes, weasels, and neighborhood dogs... Finally, we've got the coop secure, no losses for 4 months, but she outlasted an entire flock of delawares (12 of them!!!), though the roos went to the butcher.... anyway, she is the BEST hen ever, and at age 2, diligently lays 1 egg a day, when my other 2 mature birds haven't laid in months, my ducks are laying somewhere that I can't find, and my 15 26+week variety heritage/rare breeds are still holding out. So anyway, I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for the Golden Comet, and I plan on getting 4 more G.C.s this spring, just to keep the eggs coming!
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    Oct 10, 2009
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    I'm guessing you're talking about the standard red sex link? We have four (my little red hens) and they're great layers. We have one or two that are still pushing out eggs in the middle of "winter" in Texas.
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    They're wonderful , I have 12 and they are producing an average of 10 eggs a day, dropped to 8 during the slow molt in Sept-Oct. I aore them, friendly lot and only $175 each as day-olds when the purebreds were $4-$7.
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    Quote:$175 ???

    I hope thats a typo cos if not they are expensive birdies! lol
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    Quote:$175 ???

    I hope thats a typo cos if not they are expensive birdies! lol

    I'm pretty sure the OP meant $1.75 each, she compares them with $4-$7 for the others.

    Anyway I have 5 GSLs ie:(Golden Comets, ISABrowns,Red Stars)ect... They are 7mos. old now and have been laying for 2 mos. now. This past week they have been 5/5 for eight days in a row and if they all lay agian today it'll be the 9th in a row.

    Not too shabby with the short daylight hours and cooler temps, huh? [​IMG]

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    Amen for the golden comets. I have 7 and 6 laying in a flock of 24. They started at 16 weeks and 6 of them were laying before any of the other ones started. They were the least friendly of the four breeds, but not mean or anything like that. They and the black aussies were the most shy. Barred rocks and then RIR the friendliest in my bunch.
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    Not to hijack or anything...but where did you get your sex links from? I raised some EE's and delawares this year (mainly interested in egglaying production) and they have been a big disappointment compared to the RIR's from the previous year. Out of 5 EE's I'm lucky if I get one egg per day this time of year. And the delaware eggs are much smaller than I anticipated. So I'm thinking about some red and / or black sex links for next Spring. Advice?
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    My sex links laid well all winter last year. They are just getting over their moult and getting back into the swing, surpringly my easter egger and olive eggers are my best layers right now.
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    Nov 21, 2009
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    I love my golden comets,My first 5 were goldens and I ordered 10 more this past spring,they all are laying up a storm.There is hardly anything to them you wonder how they can be so tough and lay eggs everyday.I have a saddle on one and I picked her up the otherday to straighten the saddle out and it was like picking up air.The first 5 layed all winter last year for me.THe black sexlinks are good to but I love my golden comets.I also have 10 EE`S and 2 silkie hens and one batam cochin rooster and 5 babies from the silkie and cochin,they are about 2 months now.
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    Quote:I got mine from the feed store but they came from Privetts hatchery, but just about any hatchery with a good reputation has them. Most are a common cross used by most all breeders that breed production type egglayers.

    Ideal, Myers, Cackle, Murray Mcmurrays, Welp. these are just a few that offer them.


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