Golden Comets Vs. Red Star

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    Apr 14, 2009
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    Got a question? The other day I spoke with the lady at McMurray Hatchery, and when I told her I was getting a couple of Golden Comets from a lady in N.C. she informed me that their Red Stars were the Golden Comets. Now I have read on other sites that the two are different, and some say they are the same. McMurray Hatchery says they are the same. Any thoughts on this?

    from SC
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    Red Stars, Golden Comets, Cinnaman Queens, etc. etc. are all the same birds: Gold Sex-Links.

    Different hatcheries just have different names for them. Though sometimes they change the name depending on what breeds were involved to make them.
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    Right, red stars, golden comets, cinnamin queens, red sex-links, whatever you want to call them, they are all red sex-links. A rhode island red roo(you could use a new hampshire red or a production red) and a white hen is used to get all of these but every hatchery uses a different white hen. Thats why they all call them something different. The hen could be a white rock, rhode island white, white leghorn, delaware, or a silver laced wyandotte. You get the picture, red roo and white hen. Every hatchery makes a different cross to get the red sex links, thats why they all call them something different. They will all lay like crazy. You cant go wrong buying any of them. I ordered red stars from mcmurray back in october and they started laying a month ago. They lay an egg a day! I wish I had ordered 100 of them! I love them!
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    Not exactly the same, but most of the same traits/egg laying [​IMG]

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