Golden Laced and Lemon-Blue Standard Cochin chicks for sale....

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  1. I have 5 golden laced and 5 Lemon-Blue Standard Cochin chicks that are 4 weeks old that I need to sell. After a long talk with my daughter, she has agreed that there just isn't going to be time for us to work together building our flock right now...between full-time college, working and Army Reserve. I hatched these chicks from eggs that I got from Estancia Arizona (BYC username). They are VERY typey chicks with superlong foot feathers already. Tomorrow morning I'll post pics of them.

    Pick up only in North Central Florida...Gainesville. I'm asking $10.00 each.
  2. Here is a link to the Picasa Web Album containing photos of these chicks. They are 19 days old today...just about the worst time in their lives for '"lookin' good" [​IMG] They are going to be gorgeous birds in a few months. These would probably make great 4-H fancy fowl chickens.
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  3. Here are pics of these babies taken today:




    There are 5 of the golden laced and 5 of the lemon-blue or blue. Look at those last 2. It looks like they are going to have beautiful blue back and wings and a yellow breast.
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  4. Geez, I wish you were closer. I need a few more GL pullets--are any of those for sale, pullets?
  5. Yes a few are pullets. I was thinking about you Equibling...wishing we were closer so I could give you these lemon-blues. There are at least 2 that are going to be very nice I think.
  6. I had EIGHT of them hatch out of my own & just ONE from the eBay sales--out of (I think) two dozen? And they only came from Oregon to Washington...where are you located? I might be able to find them a ride with some of my horse show friends....are any of the LB's pullets? I've got THREE very nice looking cockerels already, and I'm not sure about two I may only end up with two pullets out of 9 total, babies...Why are you selling those?
  7. I haven't really looked at them closely for sex. I'll do that this afternoon when I get home and let you know what I think. Or, I'll get a photo of the face of each of them and post them for you. This is the reason for selling them:

    I'm in Florida....a long, long way away!!

    From my shipment from the same Ebay seller I had an 87% hatch.

    Let me know if you have any further interest in trying to get them to you and I'll get more photos, etc.
  8. I'm sending you a PM!!!

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