Goliath's new wheels.


8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
Ok, so Gogo is having a hard time getting around now that she's growing. This is my first attempt at a wheelchair. She was willing to sit in it today for about 10 minutes and seemed happy. Hopefully she will figure out how to make her good leg get her around and she will know what it's like to be really mobile. Fingers crossed!!!

Wow it looks great and 10 minutes is good for a start. Is Gogo an indoor chicken? Will Gogo be able to eat and peck the ground when in the wheelchair? I hope it helps Gogo get around!
Gogo and Dora live in my room, so she's 98% indoor chicken. When I take her out for her daily fresh air, I will let her out of it so she can peck at the grass and catch her little buggies. Dora isn't really handicapped, just very very melow. They make a good pair.
check out hoppy on pg 9Index » Online Poultry Show » Special needs chickens contest
I don't know how to do links, don't know if it worked
His wagon has food & water. I am watching these because I too, need to build a wagon for my Gimpy!
When Goliath was about a week old, someone dropped her off to see if I could fix her leg, but it was too late. (slipped tendon). She didn't want her back because of it, so I made room in my bedroom and found Dora for her to be her buddy on craigslist. We are now working on their happily ever after.

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