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5 Years
Apr 20, 2014
Have 2 silky Bantam hens - one broody and one so-so. Had 8 fertile cochin bantam eggs arrive on friday to put under broody hen. she is doing fine, but the other has decided to leave the nest.Sooo when the next batch of 8 comes I will put as many as I can under the broody hen and then, if needed, incubate the rest in a home made incubator ( out of electric fry pan, hardware cloth, wet wash cloth and a candy thermometer. Worked last year! Hopefully the other hen will get the message soon so I can turn off the "incubator". Any other ideas are welcome.

Welcome to BYC!

Yes, that is a lot of eggs under one Silkie! But I do wish you good luck on this hatch and I hope you get some spring chicks soon!!
Not sure, but her previous owed said she had hens that hd sat on twenty. If she can't,I'l revert to the incubator and perhaps the other hen will have settled down. She acts like it, but is irregular about staying on the nest.

the current setting hen is in a box shallow in front, which will help her contain the eggs. Just will have to see!.
thanks for the suggestion!
Just on about 3 days difference. I have them marked so I know the timing. Have pictures of the frypan-incubator, and will post them. Actually got the idea from the internet..maybe even backyard chickens! My son suggested if 3 hatch I should name then sunny, side, and up!
Tonight added 4 eggs to setting hen.., that make 12 for her. I now think the setting hen is actually the young pullet who stole the nest from her mother! the older hen is not settled enough to take the rest of the eggs, so I am testing two "incubators" to see which one is the steadiest for the last 5 eggs. This is quite the experiment.

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