GONE! my 2 white crested drakes WA


11 Years
Oct 13, 2008
port orchard,WA
HI out of my 21 ducks i only have 1 laying hen all the others are to young to lay. i have 2 white crested drakes that are 3 mths old that i am willing to trade for a laying hen (not chicken). i live in port orchard washington
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If y'all ever come to the mainland, let me know. I may be able to help ya. I've got one mallard hen (1yr old) that I'd for sure let go. She hurt her leg awhile back. Swelled up pretty good. I separated her out and put her on some antibiotics for about three weeks. Just let her out today. She's better but still got a bit of a limp.

Oh btw, I wouldn't want your drakes. Might trade you for another younger female or just sell her to you cheap.

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where do you live? how did she get hurt? is this a fixed prob? i have a black runner i might wanna trade u
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I'm in Granite Falls. Where did you get your Runner from?

I don't know exactly how she got hurt. My guess is running from the males that are WAY WAY too amorous! I think she just twisted a leg or somehow injured a tendon. The swelling has gone down a lot. I'm fixin' on going out and feeding them now so will take a look at her tonight now that she's been out all day. I do know she is - or at least was this morning - much better.

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my runner is from metzer farmes and stands up straght and tall same as my others very healthy birds

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