gonna hatch eggs!

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    welll! i just finneshed my incubator! i got the thermostat and water wiggler after much looking.
    it running great! im planning on hatching eggs in my FFA classroom... ... but i need eggs! if anyone has eggs for sale i would much apreciate knowing. OR if you want me to test your fertility i can do that too...( i dont have fertile eggs cuz i dont have a roo..lol) thanks for looking and i haope someone can help!
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    Apr 9, 2007
    I have standard duck eggs and standard chicken eggs.They are $25/dozen shipped. The ducks are Blue Swedish, Cayuga, and the chickens are mostly Ameraucaunas (they can be Easter Eggers-as they lay Blue Eggs, Green Eggs, and a few pinkish eggs), a whole pen of Turkens, Red Stars, Black Stars, Black Australorps, White Faced Black Spanish, Sumatra, Sultan, Silver Laced Wyandottes,and a few others, including a pen of just
    Blue Andalusians (3 total-2 hens, 1 roo.)Many cute birds... Can be mixed or pure-depending on the breed. I don't have roos of all those breeds in the pen....
    My Mandarins aren't laying yet...
    just send me a PM if interested.
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