Good defense against eagles

Nestled Chickens

12 Years
Mar 3, 2010
Pacific Northwest
I've had an eagle come and visit almost every day and we've managed to scare it off before it has done any serious damage to our flock (we have three hens that are missing half their feathers and a few strips of flesh). I refuse to let them free range now, but what can I do to cover our super large yard? It is about 50 feet by 50 feet. And do you think the eagle will not stop hunting until it eats every single one of my 42 chickens?
I'm in the same boat - look at the pea fowl threads, there is a guy using avairy netting and a tall post. Good idea since your area is large.

A brush pile, old umbrellas stuck in the ground and small sun shades may help to provivd some over head cover, also guineas are excellent sky watchers and alarms though they are very noisey birds

And no, once they find a easy food source, they will be back
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Rather than netting use lines across with sparkly flashing tape(mylar strips) or anything shiny that moves in the wind. Large predatory birds are very reluctant to fly through something they can't clearly see.
I use deer netting over my run its cheap and none have flown into it yet. I often see the hawks sitting in the tree above the run thinking about a meal but they usually just fly off. Saw the hawk snatch a pretty big squirrel just outside the run once.
We had a Golden Eagle come into our run and got a RIR; it stayed there and made a meal of her, until we scared it off but eagle hesitated leaving; very sad, my kids saw it and was quite graphic. We now have a netting I pulled off the blueberry bushes and covered the run. Two years and have never had a problem....until then and it was too late! Good Luck

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