Good night, Feathers!


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Jul 29, 2016

We've recently become "chicken Ranchers" (ahem...)
This has been a fun learning process for me and I now know why my sister was so obsessed with her chickens. They are wonderful giving little feathers and they really do make us breakfast. These two bantys in the picture are "Roostie and Honey". We have four other larger hens and one barred rock rooster. I thought roosters only made noise, but now can appreciate his important role caring for his harem. Little Roostie guards his "Honey" and sits nearby or on the edge of the nest while she lays her daily egg. They run to us and follow around when we enter their huge habitat with fenced garden and an orchard to hide under in the shade.

The automobile drip pans under the roosts make clean up each morning easy and if the door is opened soon enough, a lot of the poop is dropped outside. No poop in the nests, which is nice. I've learned the value of DE, so no poisons and no bugs. We love our kids and the morning sounds as the roosters run from point to point to claim their territory for the day with their duet of soprano and the other a tenor. At night, I pop my head in the door, count to seven and say: "Good night, Feathers"!
Thanks, FlockMaster. I would love to have my golden retriever to "watch my flock". We are building a covered run to keep them safe from the eagles.

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