Good reasons to build the coop BEFORE you buy the chickens!

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    I am:
    Soaked to the bone
    Freezing cold

    I have a decent flock of chickens and ducks. Mainly pullets, a couple bantams, and my big BCM roo. As for ducks, it's the Pekin pair and the three young mallards, they enjoy a pond liner all day long. It's a nice variety and I like watching them stroll around the yard, scratching here and there and keeping the squirrels at bay.
    I first got into keeping poultry with a couple of ducks. Then a couple of silkies and bantams...a little of this, a little of that. But what I never really, really building a proper coop!
    At first, the chickens and ducks roomed in the concrete-floored back room. Then they got a little house, which they currently sleep in. It's not ideal, the chickens don't have a roost and you can hear the ducks thinking "I can wait for these fat chickens to get outta my house!"

    Well, today it decided to rain. The weather was looking rather iffy this morning but I let the flock out anyways, thinking I'd be home before any *real* weather hit. Guess who was wrong!

    Shepherding soaking wet (and cold!) ducks and chickens into a house for half an hour is not a fun task, let me tell you. PLUS then there where the ones who didn't quite get the whole 'go into the house' concept and just sorta meandered off before I could push them inside. Then going in there with a quick towel just to make sure they're not totally the rain....oh boy.

    The sad part is that I HAVE the coop! It just needs a few more pieces built then needs to be put all together [​IMG]

    Good Reasons to Build the Coop Before You Buy the Chickens
    Reason One: Chasing cold, wet, chickens in the cold, wet rain is highly unpleasent. It is also easily avoided by building a coop with a small run and shelter attached, so that the chickens can still be out in poor weather without actually getting soaked.

    Whats your reasons? [​IMG]
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    May 30, 2010
    We kind of did the same thing. We still aren't completely done. Done enough until spring I guess......

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