Goopy Eyes, Letharic Help Please!

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    Dec 17, 2008
    I had a hen yesterday who seemed sick, had clear eyes, but was just off, if you know what I mean. We separated her and she died last night. This morning I have 2 hens that are very lethargic, and a little goo in their eyes, we looked them over and they look fine. We flipped one over on her back to check her and she just stayed there, so we put her on her side and she just stayed there also. The other didn't move much at all, she was just nestled in the laying box. Then we noticed our Roo was up in the roosting area. One of his eyes are goopy and shut also. But he seems fine other then that. However he is usually out with everyone else. The eyes are not crusted shut just have some goo. We change and clean our water and food every day. We have some water soluble tylan, should we use that? Any help would be great as I am a new chicken owner.

    Edited to say: It also has been very rainy here the past 2 weeks.
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    They have contracted something probably. Rain would have nothing to do with it-chickens do not get colds like humans do. They contract diseases, from new birds, from your shoes after you have been in the feedstore, etc. Many of these diseases make them carriers for life, able to infect other birds from here on out.My personal policy is to not use antibiotics for respiratory illness so I'm sorry I cant give you the dosage for that type of Tylan. I'm sure someone can tell you on here.

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