Goose breeds and temperments and size


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Apr 27, 2007
Central MA
Could you tell me about the geese breeds you've had experience with?

I'm looking for size, temperment, how many eggs laid in season and what color are the eggs.

Also, how much square footage do you have for each of your geese including yard/housing?
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I have an American Gray. She seems really quiet and calm compared to the others. Maybe it is because she is a female. The Chinese are really small. They seem fairly calm. The most Friendly are the Embdens. They are huge. None of our geese are aggressive to us. Well, maybe a little in the breeding season. I think all geese lay white eggs.
My personal favorite is the dewlap toulouse because, mine at least, are quite quiet for geese and are very gentle. That said, I don't think they are very 'efficient' geese in terms of production for eggs or meat.

My buff americans are nice birds, but the male can be a bit of a bear once goslings hatch. He also doesn't like strangers, which has been both a blessing and a curse. He has chased many feral cats from my barn, preventing the wholesale destruction they caused in the past, but he also chased my neighbor from my pasture (he was coming to find me). However, this same bird will follow me around and allows me to handle him easily.

Sebastopols are also nice. The gander I have can be a bit of a boot biter, but it's his first breeding season.

During breeding season I expect ganders to be a bit protective. It is simply their way of protecting their females and their progeny to pass on their genes.

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