Goose egg still not externally pip on day 34/35


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Jul 3, 2022
Hi everyone,

So I am a new member here. I have a couple of goose eggs and try to hatch them. But here is the condition:

- I started with 4 eggs on 1 june 2022 in my incubator. My geese laid them 2 days before in my farm located outside the city and bring them to my home.
- Sadly the incubator broke down on day 14. And it was overheating my eggs before it shut down completely. I wasn't able to find a sparepart replacement until day 19. During the 5 days without incubator, i have to regulate the temperature using candles. I am a candle maker and able to make special candle for them. But the temp was hard to maintain with the lowest is 34C and the highest is 40C (93-104F). But the average is 37-37.5C (99.5F).
- I lost 3 eggs gradually. I lost 1 before the incubator problem, lost 1 during the incubator problem and lost another 1 recently. But 1 survive until today.
- I notice the beak in the air sac on day 28/29. It was moving active.
- I notice it stopped moving yesterday but i heard chirping sound while tried to tap it with my finger. And it wiggle a bit as a response. Thx God.
- Today is day 34. No external pipping.

Should I just wait a little bit more? Should i lower the incubator temp? Or should I start to make a safetly hole?
You need to make a safety
I use a small tac ( anything clean and sharp ) then I rub it back and forth in a small area to soften the shell till I can poke through. Because it’s been in a while I would make the hole bigger so you can see if the veins have gone down
Candle before and mark the spot you want to open that’s just above the baby do you don’t hit it
Use coconut oil or Vaseline to moisten the membrane to see for veins. If there is no veins peel back more shell

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