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Jan 24, 2018
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My Gander Natasha who was bought as a sexed goose, has gone sexually crazy. I have had this with a drake before but not with a gander. My little goose is all bloody. I have separated him from Natasha. But it's almost fall and Natasha was very sweet just days ago. Do you think there is something wrong with him?
Natasha was hatched Feb 1. Sparkles was a rescue so I am guessing aprilish. I have them separated. Natasha was such a good goose until two days ago. Although I bought her as a sexed goose, I have suspected gander for a month or so. I have had geese before of both sexes but not one that's gone crazy like this.
I can't give much advice as I'm a novice with geese. Mine are starting to be a bit more pushy. Mine were hatched in late May. I would assume like most poultry species sexual maturity can bring some increased aggression as hormones start to surge. I don't know why one would attack the other unless they are both the same sex and establishing dominance, but I'm not sure. Hopefully someone more experienced with them has an idea.
I'm a novice too. This was only my second pair of geese and the gander, or what I thought was a goose, has not acted at all like my previous gander. My previous gander attack every one but me. This one is very sweet to humans but is savaging the other goose, who I think is also a gander.
I think I read ganders will fight. Are your geese human bonded too? That can cause problems from my understanding with aggression. Mine are supposed to be all females. The gander died during the shipping.
Not human bonded. Bought the pair as day olds and the gander got eaten by coyote. I adopted the little guy as a companion cause I didn't think it was right to have a single goose. They have been fast friends until two days ago when the African went crazy. I still have him in with my Rouen drake, which seems ok for now. He just went crazy on the poor brown Chinese goose. I put that goose in with my other two drakes and that seems to work ok. The African is even yelling at me. Not aggressive but very vocal. I am starting to think about roast goose.
If I see any aggression out of mine they are dinner for sure. Geese are big pushy birds from what I'm starting to see. I'm not sure if I like mine or not, I'm undecided. They definitely are different, and noisy.

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