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    Missy my Toulouse is 11 months old has been laying an egg every other day since last day of Jan, all the eggs have been hard shelled and looked and tasted great, but the last 2 days she has laid 2 soft shelled eggs, she laid 25 normal eggs up till yesterday and today, with all that's been going on lately with geese and having egg issues I will say I am worried, I read that this can be normal at end of laying cycle as it can be normal at beginning too, and i have had a few chickens do the soft shell egg. But I'll be honest I am concerned anyone else have this happen at end of laying cycle or anytime in between. One thing I noticed was on Thurs afternoon she went inside her stall and laid down and did not come back out till Friday morn. then about 2 hrs after she came she was back inside her stall, I don't know when she laid the soft shell but I am thinking it was when she went back in Friday morn. Then I found another one this morning. She eats Flock Raiser Mixed with Purina Layer half and half along with oats/ dried green peas , 1/4- 7 way scratch all mixed into Fermented feed and since we still don't have any green grass yet I have been buying them Kale. Romaine lettuce and collards to supplement their greens.
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    she need a bowl of grit and a bowl of oyster shell available to free choice from. if she has laid double eggs (2 days in a row) you may find oddities in the shells. We have had first eggs be soft before. not something to be in a sleepness night worry over yet, but worth marking the eggs in the nest and watching for the next egg to see if its normal. He staying in the house could beher going broody as you have mentioned she has a nest with eggs in the house.
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    She has had both since she came here Celtic, I keep both out year round since some of my chickens lay year round, I thought the other day she maybe going broody but I think it was just her feeling like she needed to lay and she did that was sometime during the night because thats when I found the first soft shell then another one today. She does have eggs in her stall, she was laying in the duck house and I put her eggs in the stall to try to convince her to lay in her house not the ducks, I doubt very seriously these eggs would hatch they are most likely too old,. but at least she has realized where to lay now. I have been taking out the oldest eggs and yesterday had to throw away another it had the yolk all over it from the soft egg opening. If she was to go broody I would find some goose eggs to put under her don't think I'd leave the ones that are in there. I'm a worry wort when it comes to my flock, I get so attached. [​IMG]
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