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    Apr 18, 2007
    2 days ago it got real hot real fast here and Bill may have gotten overheated - not going into details but when we went to put everyone up she was on pond, in water up to neck under tree and would not move. Drinking a lot of water. So next day I put Bill in tub of cool water, she kept drinking a lot all day but is not eating.

    Poop is bright green, Bill has always been a thin goose but held her own. She has been sitting in tub, not eating drinking lots and lots of water and looks kinda normal but won't get out of tub and won't eat. Poop has lots of white and bright green now.

    Bill won't eat. This happened Friday - today is Sunday. I'm giving Bill .25cc of Baytril 10% oral once a day started yesterday. I don't know whether to start crop feeding her or give her Corrid too if this is cocci or what. I am not where we can test it.

    Any help please --- will the Baytril help the cocci or do I do both? What is the dosage of 9.6% Corid liquid per gallon?

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