Goose with a bad swollen ankle!


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Jun 19, 2016
Lake Elsinore CA
Hi, so my goose was limping the other day and we brought her in and realized that she has a huge swollen ankle. It feels almost soft like an abscess. I checked for bumbel foot but she is my first and only goose and I just can't tell what is wrong. I am planning to take her to my vet, she has an appt in 2 days, but right now she is in a dog cage in my kitchen and she looks sad.
She has been pretty good about me looking at it, but she bit me on the face the first time I picked her up. I didnt hirt much but she has never bit anyone before. This is not like her at all. She was bit by a dog once before and still did not mind me poking at her bite to clean it. This must really be hurting her for her to be so upset.
So I guess I am wondering what to do. Should I try to see if there is a bumbel in her foot, or maybe see if I can drain the e ankle? I soaked it and didn't see a bumbel but her foot pad is very large and round.
Could she have a broken ankle? Would it swell and feel soft?
Should I give her antibiotics? I have oxytetracycline 200 and some type on pen g. What would I give and how much?
If you're taking her to the vet in a couple days, for now I wouldn't go trying to open it up or anything. They will be able to tell you what needs to be done. For now, I would keep her comfortable.

You can soak her ankle in some warm water with epsom salt mixed in, which will help with the swelling and inflammation. For pain, you can mix 5 five grain tablets of aspirin into a gallon of water and offer that to her free choice.

She might have sprained or twisted it, causing it to swell up and be painful. If you could post a picture of it, that might help.


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We are givein her pain meds now. Hopefully that will help as she is being a royal you know what. It is possible she sprained it. I soaked it the first night in Epsom salt but idk if it did much to help. It looks a little better to me.
The vet was very reluctant to see her, but u take all of my other animals to him so he agreed to check her. I'm hoping he will know what is wrong but she seems misrable. If she were any other bird I would try to fix this myself, but she is my husband's favorite pet so he is freaking out about this. He is looking into getting her boots so she won't get bumbel foot now.
Would bumbel foot swell her whole foot? I could believe that it is bumbel foot, but I cleaned it and i just couldn't find a corn in it or even where I would cut. Usually I fix bumbel on chickens and ducks and they are round dead spots, but I just can't see where the bumbel is here. There is a dark crack but no rounded dead spot.
If it was really bad bumble foot it could cause the leg to swell but if you can't even find a corn then I dont think that's what's causeing her swelling. Keep us posted on what the vet says.
The vet was not too helpful. He wasn't sure what was wrong but gave me antibiotics and told me to keep her on rest. The ankle is not as swollen now but idk if it was worth the vet visit two get that advice....

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