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Discussion in 'Geese' started by Nyssa03, Oct 31, 2013.

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    I have a nice little pomeranian gander that was hatched the first week of May. He has always been with some Saxony and Runner ducks and seems quite content and likes to "guard" them. Recently I have noticed I am getting fewer and fewer eggs each day. I have also noticed some yolk colored material on "Rudy" and a couple of the Saxony girls look like they may have yolk on their bills. Is it likely that he is breaking the eggs and they are eating them -- or do you think he might be eating them too? I really hate to separate him from the girls -- because he has always been with them, but if need be I could put him with a pen of young drakes. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Myducks and geese never show any interest in eggs, unlike my chickens, of which I have a couple that I have to watch! My ducks and geese always look at eggs as if it´s something to be it´s someone else´s property, move on....
    Could it be that while a duck is laying a drake or the gander gets frisky in the nest and the eggs get broken that way? I once lost some ducklings that way....still in the eggs, the neighbour´s drake came over and tried it on with a sitting duck! Pest broke some eggs.
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    Hi Livininbrazil - thanks for your reply --- don't know why but this morning there were 10 nice eggs and no one had any egg on their faces! Nothing really has changed. -- guess we'll just watch and see. If any one else has had this experience, I'd appreciate your input.
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    That´s great, perhaps it was just one of those things. An altercation, perhaps. Just have to make sure you pick up the eggs pretty sharpish to avoid any future problems.
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    I know my geese have broken an egg by mistake and they all go over and get into it and eat it. The same with the ducks if the egg gets broken somehow they eat it up including the shell!!!

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