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Gosling started walking backwards and I think it's dying

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by Dave Sgro, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Dave Sgro

    Dave Sgro In the Brooder

    May 31, 2017
    NW Ohio
    had three Toulouse goslings two female one male. Lost one female within 30 hrs of arrival from metzers farm. I thought that it was due to shipping or stress. This evening returned home and brought them out for a romp in the yard before it got dark and noticed my other female was lethargic and rocking and walking backwards did some research and was suggested to use a health pack. So bought save a chick electrolyte and vitamin tried giving it to her by dropper she won't drink it so I placed her in some warm water thinking she might need to poop and that she may drink from swimming water . She did drink and poo but she even swam backward. She is currently almost completely limp and lethargic unless I make a noise she will lift her head up. I haven't seen her eat this evening but she is still pooping regularly and my wife saw her eating today. It just came on so quick. They hatched Sunday the fourth of June their bedding is pine shavings they are eating purina starter crumbles when th 20 percent protein have a brooder light at the right temp. Male is fine and happy and running around but so was my female yesterday. Please help

  2. biophiliac

    biophiliac Traveler in BYCLand

    Apr 22, 2016
    DeForest, WI
    So sorry for your trouble. This other thread is related, correct?
    Good idea to put it in Emergencies. I taged @Wyorp Rock and @rebrascora over there, should have done that here, :oops:. Hope she recovers :fl
  3. rebrascora

    rebrascora Crowing

    Feb 14, 2014
    Consett Co.Durham. UK
    I'm afraid I have no experience of goslings at all but it sounds neurological. The only thing I can suggest is Vitamin B supplement and carefully dropper it into her mouth if she won't drink, but please defer to any other poster's advice as I really don't know.
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  4. Wyorp Rock

    Wyorp Rock Free Ranging

    Sep 20, 2015
    Southern N.C. Mountains
    That's where I'm at...I just don't know enough about ducks/geese to suggest much.
    Vitamin B supplement with some Vitamin E and Selenium. It does sound neurological - the walking backwards, so possibly nutritional/vitamin deficiency, but it could also be from injury or disease.

    As suggested earlier - consult a vet if you have one or contact Metzer to see if they can help out.

    Let see if @Amiga @Miss Lydia @casportpony @Eggcessive have better ideas.
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  5. biophiliac

    biophiliac Traveler in BYCLand

    Apr 22, 2016
    DeForest, WI
    Thank you for responding. From reading threads - extra vita B was all I could think of but having no experience with ducks or geese myself, I don't feel confident to advise.
  6. casportpony

    casportpony Team Tube Feeding Captain & Poop Inspector General Premium Member Project Manager

    Jun 24, 2012
    My Coop
    I don't think you're supposed to let newly hatched goslings swim because they aren't waterproof yet.

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