got 2 golden phesants omg


11 Years
Jul 19, 2008
My Coop
My Coop
the female is so tame lets me pet her doesnt even run away from me is that normal or is she sick? the male is very skitish can u guys tell me what you think of his quality?

He keeps jumping up on the parakeet nest box is there anyway to stop him from doing this ? he has higher pearches he can use? will they still nest in it if he jumps on it when they get use to him?

here is some pictures i paid 40 dollars for him is he worth it ? how good is his quality? are reds worth more than goldens?
sorry here it is what do u think

will they learn to roost on these little branches at night that my parakeets use? My parakeets roost on the ledge so the phsants could use any of these branches to roost at night what do u think?

herea are some good new videos what do u think of my aviary guys?
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i feel so bad i picked up the female and held on and she screamed like i was hurting her
Nice aviary...

None of my pheasant like being held either.. but once I have them.. they seem to calm down after about 30 seconds... if it looks to stressed, I let them go. I dont ever handle my birds, unless I have to give them a shot or move them to a new pen.
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