Got a new puppy


12 Years
Jul 9, 2007
Blue Mound, Kansas
Well I got a new puppy and you would not believe what breed she is...she is 1/2 Great Pyreenes and 1/2 Jack Russell about a mix...she is small and is full of energy...I would post a picture but instead I will change my avatar so you can see her...looks like a GP but is small like a
what cute little baby

I know about strange mixs - i have a beagle/bassett mix that had puppies with my boxer lol I dont know how they managed this unless my male was on his kness - the mommy is low to the ground like a bassett - but the puppies were all cute.

what did you name her ?

Can't let this one go by with out telling my story too. And YES it is true!! I have a friend with a male s h i t z u and a female pit bull. Yup they did it! Oddly enough the pups looked just like jack russells.
Her name is Mitzy and she has already got a place here with my other big old Mastiff is her protector...he just loves her as he knows she is a baby...all together I guess you would say I have 10 1/4 dogs hse just dont add up to a big dog and dont think she will...I think she will stay small...I have 4 anatolian/GP dogs for my goats and then 5 others and my son has a dog too...guess we have enough dogs now...

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