got my chicks but...

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Feb 17, 2009
I ordered from idea and my chicks are due to be shipped next wed.. i called and ask them if that is the certain ship date and they said YES...i have change order a couple of times... first i just had 10 black old english game bantams, then i change to 5 OEGB, 3 silver laced cochin( standard) pullets, 2 sultans( I use to have a sultan roo who was my first roo ever, so i decided to get another)... THEN someone talked alot about turkens so i decided to try them and got 2 turkens im on the long wait to next friday

** does anyone know what colors would i get on my turken order, i think the dont breed for certain colors( but anyway this will be our first turkens so it doesnt really matter, Im awaiting everyones puzzle looks on thanksgiving when the family sees them)
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Try waiting 21 days for incubation.
The suspense is killing me.

Forgot to add: Congrats! May your week fly by.
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yea i know the wait of 21 days. i tried to hatch some out last week but i keep mine in a block shed, and the mornings here are cool( when i check them in the am the temp would be round 70, then in the pm it would be 98) so after having a disapointed hatch last couple of times i decided i would order some...

thanks and i sure do hope this week goes by fast
i got the email saying they were shipped last night round 8.... so my chicks are somewhere between Texas and SC.. i can wait till I see them, I thought i was done with chicks for the year but i just couldnt help myslef,,,, did i say i cant wait

but i am happy i will be getting more chicks
Well After I Drop My Little Brother Off At School I Past The Post Office And Said To Myslef " Cant Wait Till Tomorrow When I Pick Up My Chicks", Then Right After I Past The Post Office I Got The Call That My Chicks Were Here... They Were All Live And Well But My Only Concern Was That I Was Charge For 5 Oegb And Only Got 2 So I Email Ideal And Let Them Know... But Anyway I Now Have More Chicks..

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