Got my fix for the next 21 days.

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  1. Well, this day I went to the barn and took all the eggs except for 2 from each bantam. Tonight I went and took one more from two of the hens bucause there were three now from earlier . I have to pitch 2 of them from earlier becuase the hen in that box got wise to me and gave me the chicken middle finger. No more broody buddy. Anyways, I have the cochin eggs collected from a few days and they are all in the bator. Lets see, 24 all together. So in 5 days I will candle. Woo, Whoo !!
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    why would u use an incubator when you have good broody hens?......the chicks will be happier with a mom and they want to hatch chicks
  3. I was told to. My hatching days are over !! This is my last chance. The hens are sitting on eggs that are being layed by other hens and we do not know who is who. We have to get these hens off the nest so our layers can use the boxes. We do not "need" any more chickens. I got one broody hen to give it up. There are actually three more, two in one box that we need to give it up for the winter. I lost two chicks from these hens hatches. One was thrown or dropped from the nest and killed by the others and one had the mom hen getting him out of the egg too soon. We are concerned that if there is a hatch, the little ones will parish. It goes on and on. In the spring, when I can sell off the ones we no longer want, things may be different. I am babysitting about 5 silkies, waiting for thier owners to get a new place. I took in 13 cinnamon queens for the winter, they had no place to go. They are great layers and they will go slowly over the winter to new homes. I have over 40 chicks coming up. Some in the house and some in the nursery. We are literally over run with chickens.

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