Got my new baby chicks!!!! Day one Chickie Boot camp!

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8 Years
May 6, 2011
I called first thing after the feed store opened this morning and they said my babies were in!! Yay! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. So I have them all set up in their nice brooder box and they are doing good. Not too much peeping just a little when one of them gets separated. And they all seem to be eating and drinking okay as well.

Box set up before the chickies

Got 12 of my 13 chickies (they didn't ship the roo for some reason
) and I go back to pick up our little boy sometime next week. Also two of the little NHR pullets seem to have a dark line on their heads. It stumped even the employees at the feed store.
So might be 6 EE 4 NHR and 2 mutts?/some other breed they couldn't identify. I'll have fun watching what they turn into. I got the cutest little brown EE too it's almost solid chocolate I hope she stays that way and she's the really timid one too she peeped her little head off when I picked her up but I talked to her for a moment and she settled down.

Chickie Boot Camp Day one pics!



Now I'm going to have to find a way to keep myself from sitting in the room with them all day long.
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Good luck with that! My very first chicks were acquired when I was on vacation, so I COULD spend at least one whole week with them. Since then, I incubate and hatch so regularly I always have chicks in the brooders. I still spend a whole lot of time watching them, talking to them, handling them.
It's so hard not to spend all day with them. My little ones are 5 weeks old and they still hang out with me for about an hour each night while I do homework or watch tv. I've become so adept at typing with a chicken on each hand. What would my professor say if he knew?? lol
Hehe! I'm still so new to it. I remember thinking my chicks didn't seem that big - then I saw some in the feedstore and thought WOW they're so tiny. Your pics remind me of that.

They grow up too fast! Sit in the room with them. But, be careful. My 12 peeps are all about dad now. They love to cuddle, snuggle, and demand individual attention. I thought that would be awesome but when you get mobbed when the brooder door opens it makes you think twice!
Kevin just got off work and so we spent some quality time with the fuzzy butts. Our DS was absolutely in love with the babies and he's constantly on kitty patrol to make sure Dimitri doesn't mess with the brooder box too much. I have to get a picture of Colin armed with the spray bottle standing in front of the chickens with a serious look on his face.
I can't believe noone on here convinced me to order more of these darling little girls. I know already that a dozen won't be enough.
Can we say chicken addicted already?
And the weird thing is Kevin is absolutely on board for more babies too. Good thing we have the turkey chicks coming in next month. That might just pause my chicken addiction for a little while. Cocoa (the little brown EE) is an absolute doll. She comes over to me already and climbs right up into my hand and settles herself down perfectly content. May have to find some shirts with pockets to keep her with me during the day.
Just don't anyone tell Kevin.
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